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Restoration Is a Process

“I can’t be sick! Not now!”


The stomach flu was already working full force on me early that evening. I didn’t have the luxury of a long, drawn-out recovery. I needed to be strong and able to sing at my dear friend’s memorial service the next afternoon.


Time to grab the Pedialyte, that wonderful magic potion full of fluids and electrolytes. The following morning, once the worst of the onslaught was over, I began sipping small glasses of the clear liquid and gagged down the final gulp a few hours later. Still a bit unsteady, I joined the other singer for our 1:00 rehearsal. No one would have guessed my predicament less than 24 hours earlier.


Sometimes we need a quick jolt of restoration to get back on our feet. EMTs scramble to get an intravenous line going to combat life-threatening dehydration.


At other times the restoration process takes longer. I’ve seen craftsmen spend hours, days, or even years restoring a car, a piece of furniture or an antique. I love watching programs on TV where a builder restores a home to its original glory. Those old Victorian houses beg to be brought back to life.


There are other things that sometimes need restoring: hope, faith, joy. The process isn’t as easily recognized since this is an internal replenishing. We can even fake a good attempt at the finished product, but it’s not going to last long, especially when we aren’t connected to the right therapy, the right prescription. When we aren’t gulping down those Scriptures and hymns and stories that restore our nutrient-starved, depleted souls. When we aren’t allowing the spiritual first responders our Lord Jesus sends to take hold of our hand and offer their strength and wisdom.


Over the years, I have come to realize my Lord’s restoration project is ongoing. From the moment I was born this process began. When my Savior took hold of my imperfect self, He worked faith in my heart through my baptism and restored my soul. Then He provided His nourishment, His fortifying blessings of opportunities and people He’s sent into my life to encourage me and challenge my doubts.


And the Master Craftsman is still working on me. This sanctification process… making me whole and holy… continues as long I draw breath. Every day He grows me in my faith, assuring me in the hope of things I know are certain… things I know are true.


And best of all… He restores my joy!


Leaving my guilt at the cross,




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