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Christine Vogelsang is an author and retired educator living in Southern California. For almost forty years her family enjoyed the love of congregations in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Southern California. Christine has a master's in education and taught at various schools, from kindergarten to college. She was the music director for more than two decades at her last church. She has also authored and produced three plays about people and events in the Gospels that bring these ancient stories to life.

An internationally renowned blogger with over 25K followers, Christine promotes "joy without guilt." She knows that too many people live their lives with the burden of guilt. Her writings and speaking topics remind us to drop this guilt where it belongs... at the foot of the cross. Christine’s blog inspired her to publish longer works. “The Conversation Never Ends” is the final book in her Restoring the Joy: Leaving My Guilt at the Cross series. 

Christine knows her work isn't finished. She's a regular blog contributor to Lead Like Jesus, a global leadership development organization, and she is planning to write more books that will tell the world about God's love and grace. She also looks forward to more speaking engagements that highlight her spiritual passion: joy without guilt!

In his love,


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