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The Shepherd Boy's Questions

The brilliant light from the angels is gone.

The shepherds make haste on their way

The Savior is born, to the stable they run

To find the child who is Christ the Lord.

A young shepherd boy who hurries along

Wonders aloud and his father he asks:

“Who is this baby and what will He do?

What will our Savior be like?”

“Prophets of old have said He is a King.

He is the Son of God.

Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace

And He will Shepherd His flock.”

In a dark stable they find what they seek

Mother and Father are watching their child

Eager the young boy draws closer to look

And then the questions begin:

“Are you a shepherd too?” he asks the man.

“No, I am just a low carpenter.”

“How will He learn then to shepherd His flock?”

“His Father will teach Him I’m sure.”

“Why don’t you tell Him what you have learned?”

The mother persuades him to share.

“Then carefully listen, remember my words

And hold them always close to your heart.

"A shepherd who’s good will know each sheep.

The sheep will know the sound of your voice.

Gather them and be sure not one is lost

If one is not there, search till it’s found.

"Watch over and take good care of your flock

Carry the little ones close to your heart.

Lead them to good pasture, water that’s still.

And be sure to give them time to rest.

"Save them! Rescue them from any danger

Especially when storms in life come.

Be gentle when you lead your sheep

To the safe places, so they won’t fear.

"If one is injured, bind up its wound.

Watch over the weak ones and help them grow strong.

Don’t leave your flock or run away.

Take care of them always for you love your sheep,

"Love them so much that you’ll lay down your life.

Always be willing to die.

Will you lay down your life for your sheep?

And will you do this all for me?”

The Little Lord Jesus awakes all at once.

The Light of the World shines brightly that night.

The shepherd’s eyes beam, knowing he’s loved.

Holding his hands to his heart—he smiles.

Look to the manger and open your heart.

The Savior is calling to you.

He will forgive you and calm all your fears.

The Light of the World still shines brightly this night.

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