The Image of God

“You have to wait, now. In just one minute I’ll show you the picture.” My dad had brought home his new purchase, a Polaroid camera, his latest quest for the best in photo technology. He had cameras for taking slides, prints, and stereo 3D images. He even had a special close-up camera for unusual dental images… you know, those less-than-delightful pictures of crooked or decayed smiles. But this was a whole new game! No need to wait for the photo lab to develop the images. We just had to be patient for a short time, peel back the covering, and exclaim with delight to see our actual likeness that appeared like magic. There was no doubt who was in the picture. The proof was right there! A perfec

The Thrill of Seeking God

“Aimez-vous la luge?” I asked our young student from France. His wide eyes grew even larger. “No! No! No!” Obviously my search for “roller coaster” in the pocket dictionary I had with me got the answer I had guessed already. He did NOT like them! There was no way the two of us would join my husband and three children on Disneyland’s Matterhorn. We found an alternate, less stressful ride, congratulating ourselves on our good sense. I am not a thrill seeker. I prefer the virtual rides where I’m sitting in a chair or my feet are planted firmly on solid ground while the terrifying heights and sudden swoops and turns play out on a screen. No amount of coaxing or teasing will get me into the real

Familiar Joy!

“I’ll just take my suitcase upstairs and find something to change into from these clothes I’ve been wearing all day long on the plane. I’ll be down in a minute.” But when I unzipped my suitcase and flipped up the cover, nothing looked familiar. A gray T-shirt? As I searched through the contents I discovered more of the same. A man’s personal bag containing numerous medications; men’s blue jeans and shirts; men’s workout shorts and shirt. What were these things doing in MY suitcase? Something was definitely wrong. It took me a few moments to snap back to the reality that I had someone else’s carry on bag. It sure looked like mine… same color, size, and make. But the handle was slightly differ

The Love of Jesus in My Bones!

“Why is she swinging with just one arm? What’s wrong with her other arm?” A nurse friend of mine was enjoying her lunch break with me at the park. I suspected something wasn’t quite right with my daughter’s arm, but I thought it just needed a little time to heal. I was focused on my three-month-old baby and took her injury in stride. “How long has this been going on?” she persisted. “Oh, she slipped getting into bed a couple of nights ago and fell on her shoulder. It was only a short fall, maybe a foot or two, and the floor is carpeted. I didn’t give it any more thought. Come to think of it, she’s not using that arm when she rides her trike either.” “That does it! Bring her into the office r

Restoring the Joy

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