Use the Blessings You Are Given!

“You’re a second alto,” the choir director told me. “No. I’m a first soprano,” I assured him. I was now a freshman in college, and I told this new director that for the past six years I’d sung the highest voice in the choir all through junior and senior high school. How could I suddenly be an alto? “Well, you may be able to hit those high notes, but your strength is in your lower range. You’ll be a great second alto.” I actually came to love singing those harmonies, floating down to those rich tones. I can still reach those atmospheric high notes on occasion, but my comfort zone is definitely alto! I was the right singer singing in the wrong section all those years. That great football coach

Guaranteed Results from Jesus

“So when are my pictures coming back?” In the days before digital photography, we used disposable cameras in our family. I had given one to Jacob, our six-year-old son, to use on vacation, his first independent picture taking experience. “Well, they’ll come back when I take the camera in to get the pictures developed. Just give it to me and I’ll take care of it.” I could tell from his downcast expression that something was amiss. “Oh. I threw it away last week. You said it was disposable.” I couldn’t laugh at my young son even though the thought of how his logic had taken a detour was amusing. After all, these were his first attempts at photography, and now he would never see the results. I

Bold in Spirit!

“Mommy, that little boy is dropping trash all over the park. Tell his mommy to make him stop!” My two-year-old daughter was indignant that someone would be littering. I told her I wasn’t going to tell his mommy anything, but she could if she wanted. To my surprise and amusement, she did exactly that. Marching over to their picnic table, she gave them quite a lecture about being good to God’s creation! My own mother, in her advanced years, used to proclaim, “If I don’t say something, who will?” She felt she had earned the right to state her opinion on just about any subject. Several years ago my daughter and I were in the stands watching her brothers play baseball. One parent was loudly compl

The Wonder of It All!

“If I see one more mosquito, I’m out of here!” I assured my husband it was not even half a mile down the path. He could certainly steel himself to the short hike in order to see “The World’s Largest Spruce Tree” couldn’t he? Sure enough, around the bend, over the bridge… and there it stood in all of its wonder! Traveling throughout our country, we have seen signs for a variety of manmade wonders: World’s Largest Golf Tee… or Knitting Needle… or Wind chime. These “Wonders of the World” will never compete with the pyramids, or the Great Wall or the Taj Mahal. But they certainly attract a host of visitors, nonetheless. My husband and I are more apt to drive out of our way for natural wonders… t

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