Common Problem - Uncommon Solution

“Here, Mom. For you!” “Oh no! Whose flowers have you been picking? I can’t have you helping yourself to someone’s garden!” It was our children’s first day of school in California, and they had walked the few blocks home… and had become lost. Fortunately a fire station was just down the street, and a friendly firefighter had come to their aid. Standing there on my porch, she assured me that they weren’t common criminals. The flowers they had plucked were found everywhere along the walks in the common areas for everyone to enjoy. Recently a friend who had moved to the Midwest from California was gushing about the beautiful spring flowers. There were fields of her new favorite, a white, lacey b

Luck or Blessings?

“Now what’s he doing?” I’d been watching this quirky batter at the plate for some time… all of us waiting patiently, the pitcher included, as he went through a series of gestures, tugs at his uniform, swings of his bat, digging his foot into the dirt, hand to his hat in various places, now crouching, then standing up… over and over. “Oh, he’s just going through his good luck routine before the pitch,” my husband informed me. “Baseball players are the most superstitious people I’ve ever seen.” Well this ballplayer certainly added to my entertainment. And looking around at fans with their hats turned inside out, fingers crossed, and eyes closed, it was obvious it wasn’t just the player who was

Full Attention Please!

“Would you like me to take that back to the kitchen and have them remove the head?” I warily looked down at the fish that was eying me. Of course it was dead… and also beautifully prepared, by the way. But this “whole fish” concept was a bit unsettling. I quickly agreed that I’d enjoy my dinner much more if I didn’t feel I should be conversing with my entrée. Many years ago there was a commercial for a heartburn relief product. It featured a man sitting on the edge of his bed, obviously in distress. His comment to his sympathetic wife who was offering him the cure? “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” Along the freeways there are often signs that advertise a free steak. Free, of course,

Later is NOW!

“You know this blood test is almost out of date. I wouldn’t be able to issue your license if it were any later.” The county clerk was chastising us for waiting until the last minute to apply for our marriage license. No matter that this was the first chance my fiancé and I were able to be in the same state before our upcoming wedding. We really didn’t need any reminders of our long separation. “But it isn’t out of date. And we’re here now.” I said a little testily. With a rather haughty look all too common for one who knew she was in control of the situation, she reiterated, “Very well. I just wanted you to know.” Now can’t be later. It never was and never will be. Something that is clearly

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