Holy Bug Bites!

When I' am in a swarm of His thoughts I know I don't have to worry about the life-threatening, soul-destroying viruses of sin.

Faith Without Wax

“Rudy! That’s the last picture. Let the poor girl blow out her candles. Please!” My mother was trying to salvage my celebration. However, Dad was determined to capture on every camera he owned my happy smile lit up by my birthday cake. After one final photo, my grin turned to stone, I checked out the puddles of wax, former birthday candles, each with a glowing flame in the center. A quick puff of air and a long pause as the liquid wax cooled. But then I could congratulate myself with the joy of plucking off the hardened circles and licking the frosting from each one. Wax is a very useful product. It preserves or protects a surface. We wax cars, furniture, and floors and enjoy their shine. Wa

Show AND Tell!

“Don’t tell me it’s a beautiful day. Show me!” This ongoing message to my writing students over the years encouraged them to use descriptive words and action verbs. I wanted them to talk about the radiant sun, the cotton ball clouds pinned to the azure sky, the warm, gentle breeze bending the daffodils. Help me see it! When it comes to our Christian life, we also need to do more than just talk about it. We should show by example, not by anecdote. Our lives should be the picture of God’s message of love and grace. The great golfer Arnold Palmer said his dad gave him good advice in his growing up years: “You don’t have to tell people you’re good. Just show them you are.” It’s true for any skil

Restoring the Joy

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