God Calling!

Unknown Caller. Unknown Number. Well, let’s see who this might be. “Who’s calling please?” I asked. “I need to speak right away with the person who owns the computer in your house.” “Who’s calling please?” I asked again. “And why do you want that person?” “We had a report of a virus on your software.” “Well that’s strange since that computer is no longer in operation and I have a MacBook.” Click. End of conversation. I never did find out exactly who was calling, but it was obvious they were trying to trick me into giving them access to our computer. Once we got cell phones, we received fewer and fewer calls on our home phone. Over ninety per cent of them were from people or companies we had

Lo and Behold!

“Behold! I have arrived!” Now if a friend or family member announced his or her entrance in such a way, we would laugh at the pretentious nature of those words: “Who does he think he is, calling out to us, ‘Look at me!’?” Behold can mean to just look at or call attention to something. Besides gazing at a particular person or thing, we can also contemplate more in depth what we’re viewing. But in the Bible, “behold” says much more. Actually there is no real way to substitute another English word for the way the Scriptures use “behold.” It literally means, "Be sure to see this!" "Don't miss this! It is an observable, objective fact!" It also might be defined as “Pay careful attention to what i

The Gift of Giving

“I really like that picture!” I wanted to show some kindness to the family that had taken in my Peace Corps daughter during her first months in the Dominican Republic. As I looked around at their humble surroundings, I felt a compliment on their good taste in art was in order. “Don’t say that again, Mom.” “Why not? It’s a nice picture.” “It’s their favorite picture, and they will give it to you.” I was completely taken aback by this cultural revelation, this desire to please a guest by offering to give a prized possession. It made me think of my own generosity. I remember hearing Clement Stone, that great Chicago philanthropist, talk about the power of giving. His mantra was, “Give until it

Wearing the Crown of Life

I walked into the Bible study and there he was… my husband ready to teach the class… wearing the worst combination of clothes ever. I remembered too late that I had forgotten to lay out his outfit the night before, and he had left really early that morning. Too late to change it now. I had to look at that combo for an entire hour, imagining what the other gals must be thinking, convinced in my own mind I was being held responsible. Wearing mismatched clothing is the least of our problems in this life. Other kinds of wearing can cause all sorts of issues, even dangerous ones. Our son Jacob, a tire expert ever since his summertime job years ago, took us to task the last time he was home. “Thos

Restoring the Joy

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