Give Me the Right Answer!

“He portrayed villains and had a deep, distinctive voice,” I offered, searching for the elusive name. “Basil Rathbone. I know it’s Basil Rathbone,“ insisted my mother-in-law. “No, I know it’s not him.” “Boris Karloff,“ suggested my husband. We were trying to remember who had created the bread pudding recipe for the restaurant where we were enjoying a wonderful meal. I knew who it was. I could even picture his face and hear his voice. His name just escaped me. The trusty Internet search provided the answer: Vincent Price. I claimed the victory. “I knew it wasn’t the others, so I win!” “You don’t win! When did you ever get credit on a test for knowing the answers that weren’t correct?” My husb

Glimpse of Heaven

“You know, lady, you have to put quarters in those things.” “I know,” I whispered back. “Shhhh!” My three little ones were happily “playing” a video game outside the grocery store where we’d just finished shopping. Sitting in the booth, each took turns driving the car down the road… and then crashing off into a tree. I didn’t have the money to keep them occupied with the real thing, and they seemed content to think they were still in control of that screen, no matter how many times it followed the same path to destruction. Our life is something like sitting in that video game booth, especially when Jesus isn’t a part of our daily drive. If we don’t even know Him it’s like playing a game with

Restoring the Joy

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