The Pressures of Life

The hot, oppressive weather was relentless… day and night… no relief. It was the summer of 1980, and the Tennessee humidity only added to the misery we were all feeling. States to the west of us had endured the heat for three months. We were thankful our agony had only lasted a few weeks. But everyone was spent. The sultry temperatures pressed down on us. We bent under the unbearable load. And then the leaves began to stir… and we turned our faces to the welcome, cool breeze. The winds of change had finally come. There were winds in the Bible that were welcomed: The winds that dried the land after the Great Flood (Gen. 8:1); the wind that carried away the locusts after the plague (Ex. 10:19)

No More Excuses!

“The alarm clock is possessed.” “Excuse me?” “I know it’s possessed. I set it every night and it never goes off in the morning. That’s why he’s always late for school.” I had heard plenty of excuses for tardiness, but this one surpassed them all. The mom was dead serious. The devil was in the clock. I wondered how this new family had found our Lutheran school and what had “possessed” them to enroll their son. I knew we had our work ahead of us, sorting through the issues this family was dealing with and attempting to educate the boy and teach him about the love of Jesus. I always told my fourth graders to begin with “I” when they started explaining why some paper was late or not signed and r

Regrets and Promises

“I’m sorry but the damage is too much. I’ll have to replace many of the boards in the front. But the termites are too many. We’ll have to tent the house. I regretted not having done yearly checks after a few termites had been discovered several years back. He regretted having to tell me there were no other options except to vacate our home for three days. He told us to secure our food items and make arrangements for a quick, unplanned getaway. As my teaching partner used to say, “Oh well….” +++ There are so many regrets: I regret to inform you that item is no longer available… or the flight has been cancelled… or we can’t find any record of your reservation… or your friend died. Many invitat


“No! You are not going to lunch!” I threw my arms over the counter at the Department of Motor Vehicles and locked eyes with the woman standing behind it. Staring wide-eyed, she put her purse back in the drawer and slowly returned to help me. I had spent five hours going back and forth to our bank’s safe deposit box, looking for documents to prove my identity as a married woman. Social Security had left out that important bit of information when they transferred my data to their newest computer program, and the State of California was now telling me my name didn’t match up with their information. Although I had been married over thirty-five years, nothing seemed to satisfy this gal’s requests

Restoring the Joy

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