In Sync with JESUS!

“There it goes again!” I lay on my back ready for a good night’s sleep, and my heart began to race… not just a few seconds but for almost a whole minute. What was happening? There must be something I’m putting or not putting in my body that’s triggering this. Perhaps caffeine? In that tiny, bite-sized candy bar? I’d already given up on colas and coffee in the past for other health reasons, but this was something I REALLY liked: Chocolate! Now, more than twenty years later, my heart rhythm keeps its steady beat, ever since I took that last bite. I was introduced to the “drum circle” a few years ago. Each of us had a different kind of drum. One person, the leader, started off with a simple bea

Jesus, Lift My Load of Guilt!

“Oh, sure… give me that plate too… and the bowl… and the bread basket!” We watched in amazement as the busboy kept stacking dishes higher and higher in his arms until he could just peer over the top. And then he asked us to stick one more saucer into the load. On his way back to the kitchen he staggered only once… when someone came through the swinging door and he had to step back. I held my breath as he disappeared into the back room, expecting any moment to hear a gigantic crash. But not a sound. Everyone has experienced physical staggering. Perhaps it’s in the dark when we aren’t certain of where we’re going. Perhaps we are ill or have made a poor choice of food or beverage and we need to

Too Old or Too Young?

“Why don’t you help that little girl over there?” I looked around the appliance store, wondering what “little girl” the salesman was referring to. I had my three young children with me, one a babe in a stroller. Seeing no one else in the area, I realized he was talking about me. For heaven’s sake! I was thirty-two years old. Hardly a little girl. I was there to buy my first microwave oven, a big investment back in the early days of that miracle technology. I expected to be taken seriously, especially with money in my wallet. For much of my adult life, I have looked younger than my age. As a junior high teacher it wasn’t unusual for me to be confused for a student when a parent entered the cl


Oh no. Another call from the school. Jacob isn’t feeling well… for the fourth day in a row. I knew what was going on. We’d been in California only a few weeks, and he had enjoyed my attention and the comforts of being at home during his strep throat episode. Now that he was back at school, his first grade teacher kept sending him to the office with a stomachache right before lunch. His dad picked him up, took him out for a bite to eat, and entertained the young lad at the church office for the rest of the day. Now, I’m not heartless. I do sympathize when someone is truly ill. But I knew Jacob was past his strep throat illness. The antibiotics were finished and he needed to get back into the

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