Walking in Darkness or Just Blind?

“Crissy! Do you want your eggs blinded?” Blinded? What in the world was Aunt Lila talking about? “I don’t know. Do I? What do you mean, blinded?” “Well, you see these big yellow egg eyes staring at you? I just splash some of the hot grease on them.“ I wasn’t that particular about my fried eggs, so I let her go ahead and “blind” them. *** There are all kinds of physical blindness. I’m so nearsighted that I’m considered legally blind. I truly can’t discern much without my glasses or contact lenses except general shapes and colors. I learned to ask my students if anyone had a problem with the various colors of markers I used on the white board. This after a young high school boy asked me to not

Be My Guest!

“Christine, go into the bathroom and check the soap dish. Be sure there isn’t any dirt on the soap or in the dish and certainly no hair!” We were expecting guests at any minute, and my mother was frantically tidying up our home. Everyone was expected to pitch in. My job always seemed to be the slimy soap. Our everyday household atmosphere when I was growing up was beyond casual. Oh, we weren’t dirty… just cluttered. Newspapers and magazines and mail scattered around. Clothes to fold… or just use straight from the basket. Meals cooking before the last of the previously used dishes were put away. Might as well just set the table straight from the dishwasher! But when guests were coming there w

Real or Fake?

“And when you enter, you will see in the stone the actual footprint of Jesus where He lifted from the earth when He ascended into heaven.” Really? We had been to many sites in Israel that claimed to be the place where any number of things had happened in the life of Jesus: The mountain where He gave his most famous sermon; the dark cell in Herod’s palace where Jesus was held during His trial. I can still remember the feeling of walking on stones that my Savior’s feet had touched. There were controversies surrounding several of the locations, but they were plausible, even if they couldn’t all be verified. The events had actually happened. I knew they had. I didn’t really need to know the exac

Spiritual Purses

It’s gone! It was right here in the desk drawer where I always put it. Oh… where I always put it. And someone must have been watching me through the glass from the public corridor… waiting for me to follow my usual morning routine that would take me to the back office to make coffee. Just enough time to steal my purse. Purses contain valuable things. Or some do. And it depends on what you consider valuable. Money, keys, credit cards? Sure. But how about a fresh Kleenex to offer someone with a runny nose? Or a toothpick if you have something stuck in your teeth? I was always amazed at the huge purses women brought to the TV game show “Let’s Make a Deal.” The host would offer a random woman in

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