Being Impulsive

“I’ll do it!” My husband, after our many years of marriage, wasn’t all that surprised I had volunteered to be the “weather reporter” on our NBC studio tour. It wasn’t as if I was pushing my way into the opportunity. Our tour guide kept urging our reluctant group to join in, and I wanted to help out. That’s just me. Today I have a DVD of myself waving my arms in front of a weather map while reading from the prompter. And I look quite the part too! We are warned throughout our lives not to act on impulse, not to be impulsive. It’s better to think things through, after all. We might embarrass ourselves. We might do something wrong or cause a problem or even hurt ourselves. That kind of impulse

Spare Me!

“He says we need to stop at a tire store because the spare he put on is the wrong size.” Our daughter and a fellow from her village had just picked us up in his truck at the airport in Santo Domingo. She had been in the Dominican Republic for over a year, and we were eager to spend some time with her learning about her Peace Corps experience. Just as we left the parking lot, a tire blew out. Her friend quickly replaced it with another he had in the back, but it was obvious we couldn’t continue for another four hours with the truck off balance. He pulled over to a used tire place, and the negotiations began. I wondered if they would have the tire we needed, and my doubts grew as they stood ar


Thunk! Oh no, not another one. The children and I rushed outside to check the fate of the latest bird to crash into our window. There it was… its beady little eyes staring… not even a twitch in its lifeless body. A few moments later I returned to the sorrowful scene with spade in hand, ready to dispose of this tiny creature. A gentle nudge with the shovel blade and surprise! The little fellow regained his senses and flew off to the nearest branch, very much alive! I sometimes ask my husband if someone famous is still alive. With all of the movies and reruns on TV, some people seem to live on forever. And there are entire industries built around keeping some stars immortal: Marilyn Monroe, Jo

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