“Now if you’re really careful, I’ll let you address the Christmas card envelopes. Just be sure you write smoothly so you don’t leave any blots. And don’t forget to blot the wet ink after you’re done with each one.” I was so excited to use my mom’s fountain pen, the one she kept in its special round, gray holder on her desk. This was in the days before ballpoint pens, and not everyone had the skills to write a blot-free letter or address. I was only ten, but she knew I’d do my best to not leave a blemish on those envelopes. DISTRESSING BLOTS No one likes to see something ruined with a stain, a mark, a smudge, a flaw on an otherwise perfect piece of clothing or paper or wood. But sometimes we

Worth Saving

“So where is the end piece to the valance?” During construction the workers had taken down the blinds for our sliding door and put everything in the garage. Weeks later it was time to reinstall them, and one part was missing. Unfortunately sometime during those weeks, my son Noah got the “neatness bug” and cleaned up in the garage… and threw out what he thought was junk. For the next twelve years my eye would travel to that end of the blinds that wasn’t quite right… until we finally replaced the whole thing. I sometimes am the one who feels the need to sort and toss. My husband has forbidden me to touch his top drawer for fear I won’t see the importance of all the treasures in it. When Carri

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