Pouring Out! Pouring It On!

“Eww! What’s with the sour milk? It’s not even the due date yet! Pour it down the drain and then run some water for awhile so the smell gets washed away.” Pouring brings to mind a picture of abundance. There’s more than enough. Don’t hold back. Take all you want. Pour it on! Personally, I like to pour syrup over pancakes and French toast. Never seems to be enough for my taste! We all know what it means to say, “It’s raining, it’s pouring!” God’s generous with His pouring. He reminds us how He makes clouds pour down their moisture. He makes abundant showers fall on mankind (Job 36:28). When Moses spoke to the rock in the wilderness, it poured out water, enough for everyone (well over a millio

Words and Actions

“Wow! This is a lot of produce! Do you have a bunch of animals at your house?” I stared dumbfounded at the young man checking our groceries. “We like fresh fruits and vegetables,” I quietly but pointedly remarked. I had already overheard his loud exchange with the previous customer about the injustice of having people bring reusable bags and also having to charge them for bags from the store if they forgot. I’d heard this complaint about the new state law at other grocery stores, but never at this one. Wasn’t this the same store that had always encouraged people to recycle and be aware of the environment? The same store that for several years had even been paying mefive cents for every bag I


“Please don’t touch!” I snatched my hand back as if the ice-glass sculpture had turned to fire. Chihuly glass begs touching. It is always displayed just a touch away. But this was my first experience with his fascinating works of art, and the Jerusalem museum guard firmly set the boundaries. Here I was, a mother who had trained her own children to enjoy but not touch beautiful things, humbled by correction and laughed at by her husband in the bargain! Lincoln’s brass nose has been touched plenty over the years. The bust of the 16th US President stands in front of his tomb in Springfield, Illinois. Visitors are welcomed to rub his nose for good luck, and the resulting shine is testimony to it

Where Does It Hurt?

“So on a scale of one to ten, how would you describe the pain in your knee?” “Two” The nurse and I exchanged wide-eyed wonderment. “Mom, if it’s only a two, then why are we here to get a cortisone shot? I saw your face the last time your knee pained you. That wasn’t a ‘two’ look. Let’s think about this again. I put childbirth at a 10. Keeping that in mind, now what number would you give your pain?” “Okay. An eight then.” PAIN IS NO JOKE! Physical pain is serious. The year our younger son grew several inches, I watched him crawl agonizingly up the stairs to his bedroom at the end of the day. Growing pains are no joke! Pain can be throbbing, aching, piercing. After surgery we are told to “sta

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