Change and Transformation

“If you move this bookcase into the living room and then pull the couch away from the wall to angle into the room, I think you’ll like the change.” My good friend has an eye for making a room look wonderful. She knows I don’t spend a lot of money on furnishings, and she’s quick to work her magic with what’s in front of her. She’d been to my house on many occasions, and I knew she’d been rearranging my furniture in her head for some time. All it took to set her ideas into motion was a comment from me about needing a change. Years later I haven’t changed anything back to where it was. Why should I? I love it! I’m a sucker for “makeovers” involving rooms, houses, or hairstyles and makeup. I sca

Unfinished thoughts on Remember

“Just drive around the block and pick me up. I’ll run into the store and be right back.” My dad had a quick errand while we were out driving, practicing for my upcoming drivers’ license test. As I rounded the next corner panic gripped my stomach as tightly as my fingers on the steering wheel. I eased the big station wagon into the nearest parking spot and exhaled. I wasn’t supposed to be driving alone! I found my father at the store counter, ready to check out. “Dad! I can’t just drive around without you!” “Oh, I forgot. You should have reminded me.” It seems that as I get older there are more and more things that I need to remember and things I have trouble remembering unless I write them d

Unfinished Thoughts on Settle

“Stop your giggling and settle down in there. Don’t make me have to come in there!” I’m sure my mom or my cousin’s mom said that numerous times to us. We didn’t see each other that often, and when we did, it was hard for the day to end. We pretended to be asleep when the door opened for a quick check, but the whispers under the covers continued once it clicked shut. We settle down, settle scores, settle in for a long winter. When we’re young, the relatives keep asking, “When are you going to settle down, get married and start a family?” That sounds so boring when we still have so many dreams to live. We’re happy for something to settle our stomachs when we’ve eaten rich foods. I’m happy whe

Unfinished Thoughts on Cords

“Mom, I’ll really miss you!” How many times have I heard that phrase? Usually it was when one of my children was stretching our connecting cord… off to college or to another part of the world. But this time I was the one leaving. I was the moving end of the cord. I was going back home, and she was staying to begin a new part of her life. Sometimes I feel my life cord doesn’t just stretch. It’s more like a bungee cord. Hopefully it brings me safely back to where I was. Then again, maybe the return trip is not what I was hoping for. Life at times can be that way, snapping me back to something I’m trying to escape. Extension cords are helpful when the power source is out of reach. Sometimes it

Restoring the Joy

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